If You Come, They Will Build It

Last October, I unveiled images of the new pavilion for Salem NH's non-profit Field of Dreams Park and Playground.

This Sunday, August 13th, Field of Dreams will be hosting its 1st annual Family Fun Day from 11 am - 3pm to kick off the fundraising for the proposed pavilion. 

I recently spoke with LOOP Weekly about our Family Fun Day fundraising event and shared with them how the new pavilion is not only needed for bettering the park, but for the Greater Salem community.

LOOP Weekly_Field of Dreams New Pavilion_Salem NH_RWH Architect_Salem NH

You can also check out the article on LOOP Weekly's site here.


Salem's New Sleek Salon


The Greater Salem Chamber of Commerce recently held a ribbon cutting for my client, Fantastic Sam's.

Last summer, Fantastic Sam's approached me looking for assistance in getting their project built here in Salem. I'll admit, franchises can often limit an architect's design freedom; however, I quickly learned this salon is anything but cookie cutter.

The clean lines, introduction of bold color, unique lighting, and overall visual impact gives Fantastic Sam's its personality.

Hearing the customers' delight and awe with the space, and knowing the owners' are so proud, this is my motivation to do more great work. 





Color and Style Energizes New Headquarters

Often times business owners become too focused on technical detail of a renovation and miss the emotional connection and comfort of a space.

The HYPE Agency relocated their headquarters and did a complete renovation of the 2,184 sf space. The planning and design of the space comes to life through the color, material, and lighting selections.  This brings a whole new energy and inspiration to HYPE's workplace.

Check out pictures of their dynamic space below.


Read about how HYPE feels about their new office space here.