Say Hello to Pica's Pub & Grill

Pica's Pub & Grill was a labor of love for me.

After getting the the first call from Owner/ Head Chef Shane Bernard back in November 2016, I was excited to take on the ground-up construction of the new eatery. Little did I know, I would be joining the Bernard family on the journey to open their dream restaurant.

Pica's Pub & Gill_Methuen, MA_RWH Architect.jpg


From design concept through selecting finishes, this project was a pleasure to work on.  I am happy for the Bernard Family to finally open the doors. It's a bittersweet moment for me, akin to sending your child off to their first day of school.

I thank the amazing writing of Loop Weekly for capturing the story of Pica's and highlighting the imminent success and impact Pica's will have within the community.

So, if you can't find me at the office, I'll most likely be at Pica's taking in all it has to offer. Hope to see you there.

If You Come, They Will Build It

Last October, I unveiled images of the new pavilion for Salem NH's non-profit Field of Dreams Park and Playground.

This Sunday, August 13th, Field of Dreams will be hosting its 1st annual Family Fun Day from 11 am - 3pm to kick off the fundraising for the proposed pavilion. 

I recently spoke with LOOP Weekly about our Family Fun Day fundraising event and shared with them how the new pavilion is not only needed for bettering the park, but for the Greater Salem community.

LOOP Weekly_Field of Dreams New Pavilion_Salem NH_RWH Architect_Salem NH

You can also check out the article on LOOP Weekly's site here.


New Home for T-Rex

For the last year, RWH has been assisting an amazing non-profit organization with the design of a new dinosaur museum on Long Island, NY.  

On 9/28, I visited the Center for Science Teaching & Learning (CSTL) in Rockville Center, NY to attend the pre-construction meeting and meet the team of contractors that will be putting up the museum building.

The director of CSTL, Ray Ann Havasy, Ph.d, was a consulting scientist on the first Jurassic Park movie. At the end of filming, Director Steven Spielberg gave Ms. Havasy the props from the movie.

The 500lb T-Rex has been outside for a few years, while other skeletons and prehistoric props remained in storage.

This project will give the CSTL's expansive dinosaur collection a permanent home.

The team is set to construct the foundation and steel before the weather becomes too extreme. With the building closed in, mechanical, electrical, and fire protection systems can be installed during the winter months.  As soon as the ground thaws in the spring, the geothermal wells can be installed, providing the exhibit with a renewable energy source.

CSTL is projecting a grand opening mid 2017.

The Center for Science Teaching and Learning, is situated within Tanglewood Preserve—a nature preserve in Rockville Centre, NY. Their mission is simple: to encourage science learning and literacy in everyone, children as well as adults. CSTL is a 501(C3) nonprofit organization that is operated by a passionate, intelligent, and highly qualified staff that includes scientists, certified teachers, former school administrators, and skilled artists and craftsman. These professionals are dedicated to incorporating each of the three basic core sciences—Life science, Physical science, and Earth science —into an experience in a way that engages people, making learning a real adventure.

I enjoyed my visit to CSTL and seeing all the exhibits and great learning activities.  When in the area, I highly encourage you to visit the CSTL as they always have something new going on. It makes for a great family day.  Don't miss the live animal exhibit.

Make sure you check out the CSTL Facebook page, as they post all the latest happenings.